Chinook Improvements



  • All detail forward of the Pilot’s and Co Pilots instrument panel. (Parts A10, A11,   A12) including frame bulkhead
  • Jump-Seat, cushions and harness
  • Maintenance ladder
  • Full suite of avionics or sound-proofing to cover Avionic and Heater Compartments
  • Bulkhead / Frame / Roof detail for Upper cabin Door at Stn 120 & Stn 160.  (Parts A19, L/H & R/H Fus.)
  • Cargo Winch and Winch controls
  • All cabin passenger seating and lap-straps, centre Cargo Hook Hatch detail, Winch Operators Grip
  • All interior detail aft of Stn 440 including structure, APU, Maintenance Panel, etc, etc.  (Parts A18, L/H & R/H Tail Fus.)
  • L/h & R/h Grills in Fwd Pylon Workplatforms
  • Pipes, hoses & harness’ fitted to ECUs
  • Open rear edges and lower inboard screen from ECU Intake Screens.  (Parts F2, F3, F4 & F5.)
  • Fuel pod vent fairings only applicable to a late / post MOD ‘D’ model
  • Ramp rear closing frame. (Part F14)
  • Fwd and Aft Weathershield Pitch Change Rod Boots.  (Part D33 x2)
  • Aft Rotorhead centrifugal Droop Stops. (Parts C30 & C31)
  • Chaff & Flare fit




    • 1 RAF type fire extinguishers x3 (Cockpit gangway, Heater compartment, Aft L/H Ramp area).
    • 2 Pilot’s & Co pilots NBC Filter stowages. (Cockpit floor Part A1)
    • 3/4 All detail fwd of dashboard. (Parts A10, A11, A12)
    • 5/6  Armour Seats and seat struts, Harness’ & Cushions, FLIR screens (role dependent)
    • 7 Correct Power Distribution Plinths, Master Armament safety switch, Inter-comm connections, Rotorbrake operating control.  (Parts A5, A6, A7.)
    • 8/9 Avionic Bay & Heater Compartment Soundproofing, Upper Cabin Door tracks, Upper Cabin Door upper Latch, Troop Commander’s Seat, cushion & harness, Moving Map stowage, black-out curtain, Inter-comm connections, Granby shelf & associated avionics.  (Parts A2, A3, A4, A19, L/H & R/H Fus.)
    • 10 Triple Hook Emergency Release control & cables, Lower Hatch operating lever, Lower Hatch operating linkages.  (Parts B12, B29, B33 & B34.)
    • 12-14 Correct contents of Avionic Compartment or the Soundproofing to cover it.
    • 15 All interior detail & structure aft of Stn 440 including Aft Pylon internal details. Fwd Pylon l/h & r/h intake grills.(Parts L/H & R/H Fus., L/H & R/H Tail Fus.)
    • 16/17 Internal Winch & controls, External Hoist controls, Lighting Balance unit, Role Equipt. (Maint Ladder, Cabin Broom), Radio & Inter-comm fit at Stn 160, Soundproofing from Stn 120 to Stn 160, Cabin Lighting, Troop Seats & Lap-Straps,Daily Use First Aid kit (x2), Emergency Use First Aid kit (x1), Radio & Inter-comm fit at Stn 300?, Winch Operators Grip & control panel, cabin circuit breaker panels. Flare Pistol, carts & stowage. Fire Axe & Asbestos gloves. (Parts A18, A19, L/H & R/H Fus., L/H & R/H Tail Fus.)
    • 18 No harness, hose or pipe detail. Correction: ECUs best ‘prettied up’ and covered by ECU Cowlings. (Parts D1 x2, D2 x2, D10 x2, D21 x2, D22 x2, D27 x2, D32 x2, F10 & 12, F11 & 13.)
    • 19/20 Small grill by ECU Oil Filler access panel, Intake screen rear facing areas to be opened up, PE to be added to lower inside panel of lower Screen, ECU intake rings incorrectly reduced to locate Screens.  (Parts PE 2, PE3, PE4, PE5, PE7, PE8, PE10, PE18, PE19, PE20, PE22, B10, B11, F2, F3, F4, F5, F25, F25, F26, F27.)
    • 21/22 Upper edge of Fuel Pods are to LOT 3 standard (all earlier ac have continuous fillet fairings), Cabin Lower Door/Step lowering handle, Cabin Lower Door/Step operating handle, MAWS (Optical & Doppler), RWR fairings, Chaff pods, Flare pods, HF aerial, all upper Aerials, Antenna & associated plinths etc (Role dependent).  (Parts L/H & R/H Fuel Tanks, B14, B15, B16, B31.)   Corrections:  Fill Aft Pylon louvers do not fit PE to Aft Stbd Fuselage.
    • 23 Entire APU / Aft Xmsn detail & associated equipt, bulkheads, etc.  Correction: Do not fit Cargo Door (Ramp Tongue) in this manner, Cargo Door retracts into Ramp Assy.  (Parts L/H & R/H Fus.)
    • 27 Full review of all belly mounted Aerials and plinths (Role dependent), Doppler, Outside Air temperature Probe, Nightsun / Brightstar / FLIR & mountings (Role dependent).
    • 31 Full review of all Aerials and plinths (Role dependent).  Do not use Lower      Anti-Collision Beacon.
    • 32 Use Pt No C2 Auxiliary Ramps, fill centre floor tie-down points, position Cargo door in Ramp interior.  Add end frame to rear edge of Ramp Assy.  (Parts B3, B6, B18, B22 x3, B23 x2, C2 x3, D23 x2 D24 x2, F14, F15.)
    • 33 Full review of all Aerials and plinths (Role dependent).  Pitot mounted ILS Aerials, Engine Air Particle Separator Rails, Strobe Anti-Collision lights, IRJ & mounting beams.  (Parts Canopy, E14 x2.)
    • 34/35 Fwd and Aft Weathershield Pitch Change Link Boots.  Correction:  Discard items D34 (x2) D29 (x2) & build items D19, D20 directly to items D28, D33. (Parts D3 x6, D19 x2, D20 x2, D25, D26, D28 x2, D29 x2, D30 x2, D33 x2, D34 x2)
    • 36 Lubrication reservoirs & sight glasses, Rotorblade bonding leads.  Correction: Correct Rotorhead geometry, remodel Lead/Lag Dampers, hollow out Rotorblade mounting Pins. (Parts C28, C29, E15 x3.)
    • 37 As per 36 plus Centrifugal Droop Stop Fairings & Covers. (Parts C30, C31, E15 x3.)
    • 38 Centre Windscreen Wiper, canopy frame Stiffeners, Optical Blade tracker Units (x2), External Hoist mounting lugs, Mini-Gun discharge tube mounting lugs. Parts Canopy,  L/H & R/H Fus.)  


Other missing role equipment:

External Hoist & Mounting Struts.  Internal role equipt – Crewman’s tool kit, Oils Box, Covers bag, Load Strops & Master Link, loose Role Box.


© R H Ulrich

27 Nov 06