IPMS Farnborough Model Club

2005 Archive

19th December 2005

Change of venue for next year’s Modelfest show. Due to a problem with the 6th Form College, we will be holding Modelfest 2006 at the nearby Kings International College in Camberley.  


Added photos of Rod “Otto” Ulrich’s helicopter models, including his magnificent 1/48th scale Chinook.


22nd November 2005

Well, that’s “The Nationals” over for another year.  Our stand had the theme “Nelson’s Navy”, with models that were namesakes of the RN ships of 1805.   To tie in with this, eight of us attended the IPMS Dinner on the Saturday appropriately dressed.  


15th November 2005

We’re off to “The Nationals !!”

Date for Modelfest 2006 is now confirmed as Sunday 24th September 2006.


18th October 2005

Added some pictures by Keith Hawkins taken at Modelfest 2005


13th October 2005

Modelfest has made £1,000 for charity!  A record!   Many thanks to everyone who attended, took part or helped in making the show a success in it’s first year at the new venue.  


28th September

New gallery for Rod “Otto” Ulrich - check out the outstanding 1/72nd scale WW1 planes

Added Andy Eaton’s Probyn’s Horse Officer


16th September 2005

Updated the Competition Results Page with links to pictures of winners

New gallery for Les Clancy’s military vehicle models

New gallery for Gary Byrne’s car models

Some new 1/48th military vehicles added to Allan Simpson’s gallery


5th September 2005

Excellent photography of Les Burningham’s Israeli Sherman

German WW2 Puma armoured car by Sam Wilson

Updated the Past Events page to include some recent Grand Days Out


28th August 2005

New gallery of ship models by Bill Simpson

Updated Allan Simpson’s gallery with figure, vehicles and aircraft model images

Updated Chris McKee’s gallery with Gulf War Challenger and Warrior model images


21st August 2005

Some colourful additions to the model gallery: Les Burningham’s USAF Air Rescue B29 and RCAF Lancaster, and Pete Readman’s Royal Navy Rescue Sea King


14th August 2005

New gallery of photos of John McIllmurray’s fabulous Wellington model


Some new pictures in Chris McKee’s model gallery, including Isreali F15, Apache and Ouragon.


9th August 2005

Walkround of RAF Canberra PR9.  This aircraft is 46 years old and still in service...they don’t make ‘em like they used to !


Folland Gnat by Pete Readman in the Model Gallery


30th July 2005

Walkround of the RAF’s impressive new Oshkosh Tactical Refueller in the Reference section


23rd July 2005

Les Burningham’s 1/48th Meteor 8 is added to the Model Gallery


Walkround of Merlin HC3 by Allan Simpson in Reference section


Added links to Modelfest traders Brigade Models and Czech Six


16th July 2005

New model gallery with photos of Andy Eaton’s work, which includes figures, AFVs, aircraft, a Napoleonic gunboat and a lily pond...


New reference gallery of some of the pictures from the Fleet Review


New Traders’ Links section, for traders who support us at Modelfest


7th July 2005

A new gallery, of Stew Hargrave’s HMS Eagle, and his 1/48th Phantoms and Hunter.  The colour scheme on the Japanese F4 has to be seen to be believed....


 Who’s Who updated with picture of Andy Eaton and very blurry picture of Mark Jowett, just to prove that some of us are young and good-looking


1st July 2005

Photos from Allan Simpson in the gallery, including excellent Soldier of the Black Watch.


Updated Past Events with pictures from RAF Hendon show, IPMS Salisbury show and lots from past Scale ModelWorlds


24th June 2005

First input from trainee webmaster Chris McKee, added pictures to model gallery

23rd June 2005

Added descriptions of Les Burningham’s National Championship winning HMS Diana


New Piper Cub walkround in Reference section. This plane is part-owned by club member Bill Maloney It’s a 61 year old USAAF veteran, and operated in Belgium in early 1945. The paint scheme is an educated guess, but if anyone knows better, or has photos, Bill would love to hear about it.


21st June 2005

Links page updated


Added pictures of Les Burningham’s National Championship winning HMS Diana to the gallery


20th June 2005

Added pictures from Chris McKee to the gallery


17th June 2005

A big apology to Les Piper for failing to attribute his photos: sorry. Les!   


16th June 2005

Club email address set up

Pictures from Phyllis Tuckwell Garden Party posted