IPMS Farnborough Model Club

2008 Archive

21st December 2008

Updated competition winners from the December club night.


23rd November 2008

Well, that’s another Nationals behind us, so forgive me if we all lie down for a while and recover...


Have updated the diary and added some pictures from the November club night, including competition winners, Sam Wilson’s Panzer I, Nic Aronica’s Mustang III, and Connie Nash’s Vulcan (which is only her second model, so an especial “Well Done!”)


2nd November 2008

It looks like Modelfest 2008 raised over £1,300 (we will have a definitive statement on our donation to charity once all the figures are in.)   Many, many thanks to all the model clubs, traders and individuals who made it all possible.  


IPMS Ottawa have run their first “Cody’s Tree” Farnborough Trophy, with the theme of “Anything British”.  The results were:
1st: Gary Barling - 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.IIb
2nd: Michael Roy - 1/72 Italeri Bell 47
3rd: Kevin Smith - 1/48 Trumpeter Wyvern S.4

The Diary and Competition Results have been updated.


14th September 2008

The list of traders and exhibitors for Modelfest has been updated.


Although the International Air Tattoo at Fairford was washed out this year, Tony Horton was there and got some detail photos of a Eurofighter Typhoon of 29 squadron.


New model photos are a Centurion by Chris Bradley, Be2c by Tony Horton, Brian Boot’s Thunderbolt and Bloodhound, Andy Martin’s F-14 Tomcat, and Andy Davidge’s Gebirgsjagern.


16th August 2008

Added photos of models: Douglas World Cruiser by Gary Barling of IPMS Ottawa, Mosquito by Andy Eaton, Sunderland by Nic Aronica, Hunter by Les Burningham and Tornado by Alan Purusram, and a photo of the new IPMS Farnborough “Cody Tree” trophy presented to IPMS Ottawa.


Photos from RAF Benson Families Day have been included, with walkrounds of a Griffin and a Typhoon, and a photo of the new club display (and many thanks to Chris McKee for organising both the visit to Benson, and for creating the new display materials.)


Updated Diary and Modelfest exhibitors’ and traders’ links.


Finally, congratulations to Ron Gafney for spotting our Chairman Otto in action and photographing him at the Shuttleworth air show.


26th July 2008

At July club night we were honoured to make a presentation to war veteran Ken Jackson.  


Ken was sole survivor of the shoot-down of his Lancaster in 1944, and club member Les Burningham has built him a replica of the aircraft.


Ken (seen left, with Les) has a remarkable story of escape and evasion.  He was hidden by the French for six months, learned French, and at one time was dressed as a gendarme. His disguise was so successful he was even able to play cards with Germans.


Many thanks and best wishes for the future to Andy Eaton, who is relocating “Up North”. The club is very appreciative of his sterling work over the years as Treasurer, and also gives a big thank-you for his running of the canteen at Modelfest. Andy also manages to turn out some great models.


And congratulations to Mal Sleight on becoming Treasurer, taking over from Andy.


Modelfest 2009 will host the south-eastern heats of the Scale Aircraft Modelling/Airfix UK Junior Modelling Competition.   See the latest issue of SAM for more information.


Toby Knight, Nick Turney, Jim Potts, Martin Humphrey, Julian Edwards and Andrew Davidge were the competition winners at the July club night. Photographs of their models are in the gallery, along with Chris McKee’s Hunter.


The Diary has been updated.


Finally, thanks to Chris McKee for organising new shirts, table coverings and banners.


22nd June 2008

There will be the regional heats of a Junior Modelling Competition at this year’s Modelfest. more details to follow.


A new treasurer has been elected.  Congratulations to Mal Sleight, who will take over from Andy Eaton because Andy is relocating Up North. Our thoughts and best wishes go with Andy, along with our thanks for his dedicated number-crunching and invaluable contribution to Modelfest.  


As a parting gift from Andy, we have a theme for the January 09 Members’ Trophy Competition: “Close Fire Support”. See the Diary page for more details.


Site has been updated with photos of Andy Eaton’s Members’ Trophy winning Bf109, the June competition winners (Nic Aronica’s Felixstowe, Chris McKee’s Typhoon and Chris Bradley’s Achillies) and Nic Aronica’s Scapa and Chris McKee’s Humvee.


2nd June 2008

Updated list of Modelfest exhibitors and traders


29th May 2008

The list of Modelfest exhibitors and traders has been updated (if you’re not on the list you’re not booked in: contact me immediately!)


A Modelfest 2008 poster is available to download: click here


Photo of Tony Horton’s competition winning Sopwith 11/2 Strutter has been added.


The Diary and the Competition Results for May have been updated.


29th April 2008

Pics of models by competition winners Richard Clothier, Pete Harris and Les Clancy, plus photos of Les Burningham’s Sabre, and Andy Eaton’s Sea Fury and World War 1 Tank.


Diary and Competition Results updated.


1st April 2008

The Annual General Meeting at the March Club Night decided:

It was also agreed to move the next Members’ Trophy Competition from July to June.


New on the website is a report on the London Model Engineering Exhibition by Brian Boot, the Diary and Competition Results pages have been updated, and there’s photos of models of a Gnat and a Buffalo by Jon Hill, and a Fokker Triplane by Gary Barling of Ottawa.


16th February 2008

A good club night for Brian Boot.  Not only did he give a very informative talk on how to motorise and fit lights to models, but he also won three competition classes, with his amazing motorised and lit /48th Fairey Gannet, his 1/72nd cutaway Stuart tank and his motorised, cutaway Allison 501 turboprop.


Nic Aronica’s stunning little Savoia S65 racing seaplane was also a winner. 


You wait years for a Harrier T10, then two turn up at once. Both Chris McKee and Tony Horton built a 2-seat Harrier conversion and brought it to the January club night, only to find their unusual model wasn’t that unusual after all....


Other new model photos include an Isreali F-84F by Chris McKee, an F-100 by Alan Purusram and an Canadian Sabre by Les Burningham.


Thanks to Mark Worboys for some photos of the November club night, including the presentation of a Halifax to Harry Fraser-Mitchell of the Handley Page Association, the presentation of the Harrier SIG Trophy to Brian Boot for his 1/24th Harrier as exhibited at Scale ModelWorld, and pictures of the Canadian-themed entrants in the Wattisham Anker competition.


The Diary and Competition Results pages have also been updated.


The subject for the July Members’ Trophy competition has been set by the last winner, Allan Simpson, and is “War in the Desert”. Any subject, any scale, any era, so long as it involves a war and a desert.   


3rd February 2008

Added new build article by Brian Boot on his Mil 24 Hind, which won the 2007 Model of the Year Competition.   Beside being a fantastic scale model, Brian’s Hind has motorised rotors and working lights, and in the article he shares his techniques on how he did this.


Tony Horton has supplied some photos of his recent models, including his Sea Hawk which came second in the Trumpeter competition at the 2007 IPMS Scale ModelWorld.


Apologies to Allan Simpson: the Cromwell in the 20th January update was his, and not Chris Bradley’s. 


There’s also some more information on Otto Ulrich’s HMS Daring, Julian Edwards Rail Gun and Mark Worboys' Starfighter.


20th January 2008

An amazing start to the new year with 35 people attending the January club night, and a mind-boggling 91 models in the competitions!   (Although admittedly 23 of them were from one person - own up, Nic Aronica, we know it was you.)


Many thanks to Harry Fraser-Mitchell for the new Hawker Trophy for the Model of the Year Competition.


And thanks also to Keith Hawkins for photographing the club night and many of the models.  As well as competition winners, new pictures include Cromwell by Allan Simpson, Swordfish by Pete Readman, Mark Worboys’ Starfighter, Nic Aronica’s Sea Mew and Saro London.


The Diary has also been updated.