IPMS Farnborough Model Club

2010 Archive

2010 Archive


30th December

Updated Diary and Competition Results.  Photos of new models by Chris McKee, Les Burningham, Richard Clothier, Ray Putman, Lewis Ragsdale-Lowe, Mark Jowett, Nick Turney, Julian Edwards, Mick Breckon and Brian Boot.


And finally . . . our esteemed Chairman has been pictured on a recent club visit to the Tank Museum at Bovington - be afraid, be very, very afraid!


17th December 2010

Updated Diary


21st November 2010Gary Barling presents £50 for the Hospice

Gary Barling from IPMS Ottawa (left in picture) visited the UK, attending a Farnborough club night and Scale ModelWorld.


At the club night Gary presented IPMS Farnborough chairman Chris McKee with a cheque for £50 from IPMS Ottawa for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.


Congratulations to those IPMS Farnborough members who were competition winners at Scale ModelWorld, and additional thanks to all that helped with the stand and with helping clear the tables at the end of the show.


New shows we plan to go to in the Diary are IPMS Shropshire, Poole Vikings and IPMS Harrow.


The competiton results have been updated.


New models by Les Vowles, Chris McKee, Tony Waring, Allan Simpson, Les Clancy, Ray Putman, Rod Ulrich amd Toby Knight.



17th October 2010

There has been a change of role and a newly-created role within the club.  Richard Clothier will be taking over as Webmaster from Pete Readman, while Nic Aronica becomes the Publicity Officer.


Updated the diary, including details of shows we intend to exhibit at next year, including two that are new to us - Milton Keynes and Birmingham.


Updated 2010 competition results page, including photos of the October club night winners.  Also added new photos of models: 

Swordfish by Andrew Davidge

Sherman Crab and Tilly by Allan Simpson

MTB and Spirit of St Louis by Les Burningham

DFS230 by Julian Edwards

Austin Healey, SdKfz222 and SdKfz234 by Mark Hardy

Sea King and Tomcat by Mark Jowett

Creature from the Black Lagoon by Richard Frizzel

Shinden by Chris Bradley

Hawk by Chris McKee

Pup by John Constable

LAV-AT by Lewis Radgsdale-Lowe

Fury and Pfalz by Nic Aronica

Wessex and Hummer by Ray Putman

4.5 litre Bentley by Richard Clothier

Frankenstein by Pete Harris

A pair of BAe Hawks by Tony Horton


26th September 2010

Date for Modelfest 2011 has been set as Saturday September 17th 2011. Venue is unchanged from 2010 (Kings International College, Camberley.)   Also updated competition winners and diary, and added photos of competition winners for August and September.   


20th September 2010

A big thank you to everyone who attended, exhibited at or helped with the running of Modelfest.  Another good show, and first indications are that it has done at least as well as last year for raising money for charity.  Once our Treasurer has done his calculations we will be able to be more exact.


Added a new photo gallery of photos of Modelfest 2010 (thanks to Ed More for these).


5th September 2010

Updated the exhibitors list for Modelfest


Added  more pictures to the captured enemy aircraft display for the FAST museum, including photos of the display, and celebrated test pilot Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown opening the exhibition.


11th July 2010

Added a gallery of the models of captured enemy aircraft which have been built for a display for the FAST museum


Added pictures of the July Members’ Trophy entrants


Updated Diary and competition results.    Photos of new models from Andrew Davidge, Chris Bradley, Chris McKee, Jim Potts, Les Burningham, Les Vowles, Mark Hardy, Mark Jowett, Martin Humphrey, Nic Aronica, Pete Harris, Pete Harris, Toby Knight and Tony Horton.


11th July 2010

Updated Diary and competition results.  Added new map of how to get to Modelfest


At the June club night there was a record turnout and a spectacular display of models from longer-serving members Allan Simpson, Andrew Davidge, Chris McKee, Alan Purusram, Mark Jowett, Richard Clothier, Nic Aronica, Jim Potts, Tony Horton, Pete Dennis, John Constable, Les Vowles, Dave Turner, Les Burningham, Les Clancy, Martin Humphrey, Gary Byrne, Brian Boot and Toby Knight


We also welcomed to some new faces; see pictures of models by Alex Byrne, Lewis Ragsdale-Lowe and Ray Putman


12th June 2010

Photo’s of Jim Potts’ Chieftain AVRE and Panzer II; Pete Dennis’ Challenger 2 and Churchill Crocodile; Les Clancy’s Polish 7TP; Martin Humphrey’s Panzer IV; Nic Aronica’s Southampton and Breda 88; and Toby Knight’s Meteor added


Updated diary and competition results and pictures of the recent Salisbury and Cosford shows.


9th May 2010

Diary, competition results and confirmed Modelfest attendees updated.  New model photos from Chris Bradley, Sam Wilson, Allan Simpson, Andrew Davidge, Mark Hardy, Julian Edwards, Chris McKee, Alan Purusram, Mark Jowett, Richard Clothier, Nic Aronica, Jim Potts, Tony Horton, Pete Harris, and Toby Knight


5th April 2010

The club’s Annual General Meeting was held at the March club night.  All the officers were re-elected unopposed.


Updated diary and competition results, and photos of new models from Richard Clothier, Nic Aronica, Rod Ulrich, Pete Readman, Jim Potts, Tony Andrews, Tony Horton, Pete Harris, Richard Frizzel. Les Burningham, Toby Knight and Martin Humphrey.


14th February 2010

Modelfest 2010 invitations have gone out.  If you are a trader or club who was expecting an invite and haven’t received it, then contact Pete ReadmanDiary and competition results and confirmed Modelfest attendees have been updated.


There are new model photographs of Andrew Davidge’s Citroen 11 CV, Chris McKee’s Meteor PR9, Dave Turner’s Super Cub, Eric McLoughlin’s Skua, Ian Roberts’ pair of Boomerangs, Jim Potts’ M-8 Greyhound, Les Burningham’s CT-133 Silver Star, Mark Jowett’s MiG-25, Nick Turney’s Polikarpov I-16, Pete Harris’ Cyberman, Richard Clothier’s Super Constellation and Rod “Otto” Ulrich’s SE5a and DH4.

Tony Horton’s Bristol Fighter

17th January 2010

Updated diary and the competition results, including the winner of the 2009 Model of the Year competition, Tony Horton’s fabulous Bristol Fighter.


Congratulations also to Eric Geneau of IPMS Ottawa, for winning the Farnborough Trophy at last September's "Anything British" IPMS Ottawa competition with this splendid Challenger 2.


Eric Geneau 's Challenger














10th January 2010

January club night on Monday 11th will go ahead unless there is further significant snowfall