IPMS Farnborough Model Club


14/5/2012 May Club Night Regular competition

20/5/2012 Hendon Show at the RAF Museum. We will be exhibiting there.

1/6/2012 RAF Odiham Families Day ; we intend to exhibit here, contact Chris McKee for details

2/6/2012 Newbury show ; we intend to exhibit here

9/6/2012 Salisbury show ; we intend to exhibit here

11/6/2012 June Club Night Regular competition

16/7/2012 July Club Night Regular competition

13/8/2012 August Club Night Regular competition

16/8/2012 Visit to Hornby, Margate by HP Society Contact Harry Fraser-Mitchell for details

10/9/2012 September Club Night Regular competition,, plus Class Trophy for Sci-Fi  (This is a new, six monthly competition in which everyone is encouraged to enter one of the less well-patronised competition classes.  This month, the theme is science fiction.) 

22/9/2012 MODELFEST our own show, in Camberley

6/10/201 IPMS Abingdon Show  We shall be exhibiting at this

8/10/201 October Club Night Regular competition

10-11/11/2012 Scale ModelWorld ; the IPMS “Nationals”, at Telford – we shall be there

12/11/201 November Club Night Regular competition, plus Wattisham Anker Trophy (theme is “Odiham”)

10/12/201 December Club Night Regular competition, plus Chairman's Competition



If you have any corrections or comments, or any items to add to the diary, please email pete.readman@ipms-farnborough.co.uk