Dick Ward, 1938-2017 Obituary by Chris McKee



Dick Ward was a founder member of IPMS and IPMS Farnborough, being a keen modeller and aviation enthusiast. He took a break from IPMS when he trained to be an architect, on returning to the society he wasn’t allowed his old number back with irritated him slightly. He toured with the World Airpower collection, travelling in RAF aircraft all over the world, the collection now resides at Farnborough in FAST. Married to Anne and living in Farnborough he became busy working for Frog, Airfix and later Revell, as well as continuing his range of Modeldecal decals with Mike down in Portsmouth. He was on the Press pack that went to every Fairford show or MOD arranged session. When Anne and Mike passed away he concentrated on kit decals for Revell and worked on his own titles as well as helping out with many books. He eventually settled in Odiham with his new wife, Maxine, and was a regular attendee at IPMS Farnborough were he freely shared his knowledge and gave advice when needed. He was made a life member of IPMS a few years ago and wore his life pass with pride.

I first meet Dick in 1984 when I organised him to come to 33 Squadron at RAF Odiham to take photos and drawings for a modeldecal sheet. Throughout my time at Odiham he came to Squadron open days, Station opens, special events and whenever the markings changed. In one case I was given a stern talking to by my Squadron Commander as Dick had photographed our SF Chinooks with their secret squirrel markings and they had now made it onto a decal sheet. Dicks friend Bill Tersago from Belgium came to visit him and flew his Fouga Magister into Odiham to collect some 1/32 Hunters which he and Dick had packed into the rear cockpit. However, when Bill left the next day the kits slide forward against the control column, Bill couldn’t climb at all, but managed to get back to Belgium OK.

He was a great man to know, one of my modelling hero’s from a very early age, he will be sadly missed.