Branch Meetings

Our regular branch meetings:

  • Provide a meeting place for modellers to socialise
  • Allow the exchange techniques, tips and information
  • Are a market place and swap-shop for all kinds of modelling-related items
  • Include displays and competitions to inspire everyone

Branch meetings are held on the second Monday of every month, from 8pm to 11pm, at The Railway Enthusiasts’ Club   There is plentiful parking, a licensed bar, and adequate space for displays and competitions.

About 40 members attend on a typical club night.  The atmosphere is relaxed and very informal, and we see ourselves as a social club for modellers. 


There is a competition every month, with additional, special competitions some months.  

Members will usually bring examples of “work in progress”, new kits, books, magazines and photos for others to look at.  There are often books, kits and suchlike for sale, and occasionally there are giveaways of surplus or no longer required items.

Amongst the membership there is a vast amount of knowledge about modelling, and about the background research so essential to good modelling.   One benefit of the club is there is nearly always somebody who either knows the answer to a question, or knows where to start looking.  A branch meeting will often throw up many interesting discussions on quite esoteric subjects.

In addition to regular branch meetings, some of the membership gather for an informal, weekly meeting at a local pub, a so-called "sub-committee meeting" or just "subbie".  For info on where and when, see our Facebook page at