2014 News Archive

December 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the December meeting competition.

November 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the November meeting competition, including the Wattisham-Anker Trophy, this year won by Chris McKee with his SMW Gold medal winning 1:48 scale Westland Wessex HC.2, 28 Sqn, RAF more photos here.

Scale Model World has just happened and the Farnborough table was something to behold!

Here it is with a few mugs behind it. Eric and JC are behind the sandbags!

These photos were taken by Nic and show the content of the table properly:

The display base was built by Stewart and Mark with help from Pete, Nic and Otto, with JC coming up with the design and layout. The models on display were contributed by Nic, Otto, Mark Warboys, Julian Edwards, Chris Shepherd, Chris McKee, Allan Simpson, Pete Redman and Andrew Prentis.

October 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the October meeting competition.

11th October was the inaugural "Tank Mod" show at Bovington Tank Museum. After a stormy, wet and ridiculously early start, the IPMS Farnborough table was located just outside the Afghanistan exhibit, which seemed appropriate seeing as how there was a bar-armoured Scimitar in the exhibit and a model of it on the table!

Talking to one of the organisers afterwards, they had about 1000 people through the doors on the day, compared to the same weekend last year which was just a normal day of about 300, so they reckoned it a success. The view from the stand pic below shows IPMS Salisbury on the right with Newbury on the left and North Sommerset in the distance, so lots of familiar faces!

Personally I enjoyed the show but it was a long drive home in the evening :)

4th October saw the club represented at IPMS Abingdon show and we managed to bag the trophy for best club display!

More photos of the stand here

September 2014

Modelfest has been and gone and very enjoyable it was. The getSurrey.co.uk site (mmm get YOU Surrey!) has a gallery of the photos they've taken at our show. Check it out here: http://sandbmedia.newsprints.co.uk/search/bykw/p/u/0/1/ipms  In the meantime, the Camberly & Sandhurst News and Mail have printed an article:

IPMS Farnborough's annual show this month, Saturday 20th September. Full details on our Modelfest page

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the September competition, including the Members Trophy for the Diorama class, this time won by Andrew Prentis with the D-Day Diorama "Road Hogs":

I've started extending the site history back before 2011. The first result of this is the 2010 Competitions page. As yet I have only got the winner photos in place. At some point int he future I'll try to include the non-winners that were photographed as well, but this is a time consuming process as each entry has to be re-catalogued from the old pages.

August 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the August competition.

2nd Auguest was the Old Basing Royal British Legion WW1 Fete. IPMS Farnborough were there with a display. The weather was changable to say the least! The test had a leak when it rained so the tables had to be moved to once side to avoid too much getting soaked. The sun did shine when the wind and rain left off

Otto was also there in full WW1 fig, showing off his big gun, which made a satisfyingly loud "pop"!

and here is said gun!

July 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the July competition.

June 2014

The club put on a display at Odiham Families Day on 21st June. A lovely sunny day and lots of interested visitors - plus cakes!

Full gallery here

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the June competition.

May 2014

IPMS Sailisbury is always a popular show and this year was the last weekend in May. With a large turnout by Farnborough, the table was heaving with models, and in particualar, the Farnborough Phantom Tribute gained a lot of admiters.

Not only that, but the banners were stright!

Thanks to Chris for the photos as usual :)

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the May competition.

Second weekend in May was the IPMS Barnet show at RAF Hendon. Eric, JC and myself contributed models to the table and Eric contributed the wonkey banner. It was quite busy, busier than last year and we were in roughly the same place as last year. The promised Lancaster flypast didn't happen because of low clouds. Next show will be Salisbury at the end of May.

April 2014

First off we'd like to wish two of our members, Allan and Dave, who have suffered ill health in the last month all the best for their recovery!

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the April competition.

The first weekend of April saw a visit to the IPMS Shropshire show at RAF Cosford. Several cars went up on the Saturday to rendezvous at the International Hotel next to the Telford Exhibition centre. Saturday evening was a chance to scout out new places to eat for the Telford trip later in the year. New Chinese buffet was sampled and seemed to do the trick.

Sunday was the show itself and was very well attneded by memebers of the public. This year our table was in a differnt location, under the Eurofighter protortype just inside the front entace to Hanger 2 so even more promintent than before. The table had a variety of subjects, although Iron man seemed to garner a fair deal of attention!

Chris S needs a red shirt!!

The following weeked was Poole Vikings and a contingent dutifully headed down there early on Saturday morning for the show. The main hall was very cramped and it was difficult to sit behind the stand as the table behind was so close

plus the gangway in front was also cramped because of the bookseller opposite

Chris Shepherd won a silver cetificate for his figures and I won a gold silve and bronze certificates for my Sky 1 and Thunderbird 3, Spitfire Diorama and finally Hurricane diorama. This is an unusual competition as they judge on the table, which while its nice to not denude the table, means you don't actually get to see all the entries together and "compare" as it were. Lunchtime saw a trip to Plastic Fantasitc in the town to buy paints (there were no traders selling paint at the show!) and lunch at a reasonable pub whose name escapes me (too much strawberry cider!)

On the Sunday immediately after Poole was the REME show at Arbourfield REME Museum. Farnborough doesn't officially exhibit at the show but some of our members don the blue of West Middlex as an alternative. However Jim Potts and Pete Dennis flew the unofficial Farnborough flag with their own table:


March 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the March competition. Pete Harris won the Members Trophy this month for his 120mm scale figure called "Private Dingo Harris, Australian Commando, Bougainville"

February 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the February competition. Chris Shepherd wins the Antipodean prophy with hisAustralian Flying Corps Sopwith Snipe

15th February saw the club attending the RNAS Yeovilton for the Fleet Air Arm Museum Model Show. These hardy souls braved a very windy car park to bring the model boxes into the museum to set the club display up. After a little headbutting of Wyvern tailplanes, this is what we had on display:


January 2014

Happy New Year! Diary updated for 2014

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with the January competition

January club night is always one of the highlights of the IPMS Farnborough year featuring the ‘Model of the Year’ contest. This year 20+ models were entered, representing the very best work of the club members across all scales and classes. As ever, the competition was close and keenly contested and the eventual winner was Jim Potts with his 1:35 scale MAZ-537G Tank Transporter. Jim's model will represent the club in 2014's Scale Model World Club competition!

Here is Jim being awarded the Trophy

You can see last years winner in the backgound!

Here is his winning entry: